Yoga and Tantra in the UK

Tara Yoga Centre is dedicated to exploring and teaching traditional spirituality in its essential form. From a holistic stand point we offer a complete and profound experience weaving together the fundamental theoretical principles with a rich practical experience and methodology comprising together the basis of the yoga and tantra systems.



Please Note: All London and Oxford Classes are now full and no longer accepting new students


Classes will Start again in September 2014

Tantra Course Information

 Genuine Tantra

The intensive tantra course is a systematic and in-depth course, revealing one by one the mysteries of tantra.

The techniques and theory given during the course are highly efficient, being secret ancient tantric teachings which have been adapted to the modern time and explained in a rational and down-to earth manner.

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Yoga Course Information

Traditional Yoga

This yoga course is unique in its new and integral approach to the teachings of the traditional yoga system.

Throughout the course you will be taught extensively about Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Laya Yoga, Maha Vidya Yoga

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What is Yoga? PDF Print E-mail

YOGA is an extremely complex spiritual tradition, having a history of over five thousand years. It possesses a very rich and extensive literature. YOGA is what we traditionally call "the knowledge of liberation". We all seek, consciously or not, to rise above the limited notion of what we are. More exactly, we seek to rise above what we usually think we are. Generally, we identify ourselves with our body, our mind, with our possessions or relationships, bringing all this together in what we normally call "my life".

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The 10 Tantric Goddesses

mayavidyaIn this video we will be telling you ALL about these Goddesses and how they can give help you attain everything you need ranging from material wealth to intelligence, courage, love, compassion, spiritual transformation and enlightenment...

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Integral Yoga PDF Print E-mail

integral yogaWe all want true and lasting happiness. We find this happiness in many ways, depending on the level of spiritual development we have attained at any given time. It is important to reach true happiness. A genuine and efficient spiritual path will offer ways and modalities to develop all aspects of our being so we can reach true happiness by fulfilling all aspects of our personality, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

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