Hello Carolina, and thank you for being our Aries student of the month.
We have arrived back at the beginning of the zodiac cycle, with the ‘youngest’ sign! So, are you overwhelmed with enthusiasm for constant new beginnings, firing off spontaneous, enterprising ideas with a flare for the daring and courageous? As you can see, I might be expecting an optimistic answer here!

Oh yes I love new beginnings! The excitement of discovering something or someone new, the rising possibility of a new challenge ahead that I often feel drawn towards before even having identified what it is and if I really want it. I am not sure about spontaneity though – for me the Aries headfirst approach manifests in a very mental way. What I mean is, I have a tendency to filter actions through my reasoning mind, which often doesn’t leave much space for spontaneity. Like right now I am definitely over-thinking this answer 🙂

This impetuous fire can also sometimes spill over into impatience, pride and vanity – I don’t recognise those qualities in you, but do you notice them under the surface sometimes?

Impatience towards others yes, but generally not in an impetuous or aggressive way. It’s more like a background belief that I’d rather ‘do it on my own’, because others slow me down which leads to a strong independence and sometimes little willingness to compromise to meet others, let alone wait for them. However I find that I have a good amount of patience with myself and I am rather stable in the choices I make, leaving enough time for the challenges I am facing to bear fruits – most often excellent fruits, which is the proud me I guess 😉

I know several artists and creative types who are Aries, always able to pull new creative ideas from the ether. Do you identify with that quality?

Mmmm, not really, no. I can come out with very good practical ideas, but creative ideas, not yet…one day!

You seem to me a very serene, patient and heartful person so maybe there are other astrological influences at work here. However, I know you also have a love of the adventurous and dynamic – has that love of challenging activities always been there?

Well, 4 out of 5 of my personal planets are in Aries so there isn’t so much ambiguity in the chart. I think my Saturn in Capricorn and having been raised by two Capricorn parents has tamed the flame down a bit. Jumping around from one interest to the next was never an option – that’s how I think discipline and dedication are well rooted into me. Dedication towards sports challenges for example: I was a world class fencing competitor and found many wonderful satisfactions and learnings in the practice of this sport. At any holiday time I loved challenging myself more with outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding, sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing; and not to leave anything unaccomplished. I also challenged myself with what I intentionally chose to be the most demanding studies I could find: maths and engineering. So yes, it has always been there, not only a love for challenging activities, but a love for challenge within any activity, I would say.

So what drew you to wanting to learn about spirituality?

I didn’t know I wanted to learn about spirituality. It was nowhere near my to-do list!

How did you discover Tara Yoga Centre then?

I had a colleague I really admired who was into a lot of fascinating sports and activities and among these many things he was attending the Tantra course at Tara. I went on a snowboarding holiday with him and a friend of his who was also in the school, and that is where I had the chance to hear some intriguing conversations between them about relationships that immediately ignited my curiosity. As soon as we came back from the holiday I dropped into one of the classes and in a matter of days I had signed up for the upcoming polarity camp! That was a new beginning, the most life-changing one I have ever had. Before then I had never practised any yoga, meditation, mindfulness, I had not ever come across any spiritual or even new age community. It was all excitingly new, a world I didn’t know existed. Many teachings were at first hard to believe but after the camp I had no doubt I wanted to learn and practise them.

What is it that makes this school special for you?

Even though I had not explored any similar environments before coming to Tara, from the beginning I felt a growing sense of contentment and fulfilment about being part of this school, an intuitive certainty of being in the most wonderful place, even without directly knowing any other. If I had to expand a bit more beyond this beautiful feeling, I would say that what makes this school special is the impressive comprehensiveness and coherence of all the teachings and the unconditional love that the teachers shine into all the lectures and activities that are offered to us.

Has something helped you to remain constant on your spiritual path, rather than always wanting to try new things?

Like I mentioned before, I am quite disciplined at remaining constant in my activities as long as I have a goal ahead. There is so much that I aspire to on this spiritual path, that I can’t see myself running short of goals. It’s different from any other challenge I have previously had. It’s only been two years since I joined the school and I am sure there will be times of lack of aspiration but it’s not been the case so far. I am still finding very many new things every class and every camp. If I am curious to try something else, I do, but then I naturally bring it into the perspective I am developing on this path. I have yet to find something that doesn’t fit into its picture.

So your passionate side is somehow satisfied, or has it been more a matter of learning to control and channel it positively?

My passionate side is still finding its way around. I know clearly that the way I used to take care of it is not fulfilling any more, but it’s taking some time to transition to new possibilities. This applies to relationships, sexuality but also to all the enthusiasm and energy that I used to put into outdoor adventures that I now feel less drawn towards. I know I am making space for something bigger but I am not fully clear how to channel energies there yet.

Do you have any memorable transforming moments or beautiful experiences you would like to share from the last few years?

The camps have been the most memorable and transforming moments. In that first polarity camp I felt a huge expansion of my heart and a feeling of love and peace and happiness coming from within myself, and not directed towards anyone or anything specifically but rather to everyone and everything at the same time. I had not even heard about a similar state of being before, so having such a tangible experience of it at the very start was a wonderful and unforgettable grace.

And finally, if you had the chance to give one piece of advice to the world, what would it be?

Mmm, I really don’t know how to answer this question. I think if I had a genuine single piece of advice to the world I would know without having to look for it, so I will abstain for now 😉

Thank you!

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