Our Aim

Our unique approach

Tara Yoga Centre is dedicated to exploring and teaching traditional spirituality in its essential form. From a holistic standpoint, we offer a complete and profound experience, weaving together fundamental theoretical principles with rich practical experience and methodology. Together, this comprises the basis of the Yoga and Tantra systems.

Tara Yoga Centre was created in order to share a style of teachings which are based on the traditional systems of Yoga and Tantra. The methods used in our classes reveal the laws of spiritual science and encourage the application of these laws into our daily lives.

At Tara Yoga Centre we aim to reveal Yoga and Tantra in their essential form, teaching not only physical techniques, but including traditional and fundamental theoretical principles which form the basis of the two systems.

This enables students to become aware of how and why their practice works for them, making it a valuable tool for personal transformation at all levels of the being.