Our teachers

One of the core areas that set Tara Yoga centre apart from other yoga schools is the quality of our teachers. All our teachers have a minimum of 6 years’ training and experience, and their depth of knowledge and understanding is unrivaled. If you have any specific issues or problems you need help with, they are able to give you specialist advice and will help you to direct your practice accordingly. Each teacher is wholly dedicated both to their own practice and to their role in helping their students to understand and apply the teachings of Yoga and Tantra. Tara Yoga Centre is a registered charity, and all our teachers offer their time for absolutely no financial gain, being committed to their calling to help enrich the lives of others.

Alina Halauca (1)

Alina has been practising yoga and tantra for the last 23 years and teaching yoga in Tara Yoga Centre since 2008. For her Yoga is a life style, a way of being, integrating the traditional and authentic spiritual knowledge in the modern daily life. Love, sincerity, divine inspiration, friendship, self giving and caring are the guidelines for her spiritual path and the qualities she seeks to share with others.


Andrew Profile Pic (1)Andrew Tope has been practicing yoga with Tara Yoga Centre for over ten years and is a teacher at Tara Yoga Centre Oxford. He has a long-standing interest in the spiritual traditions of the world, has an MA in Mysticism and Western Esotericism and used to teach Philosophy of Religion as a high school teacher. He especially enjoys welcoming new members onto the Yoga Course and supporting the community of students gathered around the Tara Yoga Centre Oxford.


Andrew Tregidgohas long been intrigued by the nature of the universe and self and how this reality reveals itself and is impacted by day to day life. He studied Psychology at university and has been a student of Yoga and Tantra for more than 8 years. Andrew teaches Yoga and Tantra and runs mens groups, which focus on the awakening and harmonising of the masculine potential. Teaching, for Andrew, and the sharing of this profound knowledge and practice offers a unique opportunity for fundamental and heart-opening transformation for both himself and students.


AustinAustin was fascinated by Eastern mysticism and the metaphysical from an early age. He practiced Martial Arts throughout his teens and later studied Psychology and the Healing Arts, before discovering the Yoga course (offered by our school) whilst traveling in India. As he practiced more, he soon realized that he had found his spiritual path and the desire was born to share the experience with others. Austin has been practicing Yoga & Tantra with Tara Yoga Centre for over 14 years and has been teaching since 2006.


Ben has been involved in this tantra yoga school since discovering us in India while he was exploring many aspects of spirituality there between 1999 and 2001.Being a musician, artist and former Steiner school teacher he brings a creative and heartful approach to teaching, which he has always found deeply rewarding. The connection between tantra and art has been a very important part of Ben’s life and here at Tara Yoga Centre he has been able to explore theatre, dance, music and also massage, as powerful ways to heal and awaken the soul.


BeneBenedict started practicing yoga in 2003 and is also a qualified yoga teacher and student of tantra. He blends his experience of studying yoga in Europe with a caring and open approach to yoga teaching and other esoteric studies such as astrology. He takes great joy in seeing the personal development and growth of the students at the course.



Bogdan Radasanu (1)Bogdan has been practising yoga and tantra for more than 20 years. In his quest for spirituality he found that sharing his experience and teaching others is a fast track for self development and opening the soul. He believes that love, manifested in the most concrete way, is helping others unconditionally. Expect a very down to earth and practical approach.


Catherine has been studying and practising authentic tantra, yoga and meditation for the last 15 years. Yoga and tantra have become a life-time passion, a daily practice and way of living. She is a yoga and tantra teacher and facilitates groups for women in the UK, exploring the mysteries of genuine femininity, love, sensuality and spiritual evolution for a woman in this day and age. She is known for her gentle, loving and supportive approach when she teaches.


Foca, born in Jerusalem, Israel, had a keen thirst for spiritual knowledge from early age. He started practising yoga and Tantra at the age of 17 (in 2001), and since then he has devoted himself to the spiritual journey. He has been teaching since 2009 in Europe in India and Thailand. Since 2011 he has been living in the UK, teaching yoga and tantra and offering various workshops, lectures and men’s groups.


JosianneFrom her teenage years Josianne was always fascinated by the mysterious nature of the life and the occult mysteries.  After her initial practice of yoga from studying from a book in 1998, Josianne travelled to India to find a yoga teacher to get a greater understanding of what she had experienced through her practice. Since then (1999) she has been practising and for the last few years also teaching this form of Intergral Yoga in order to share the experience.


Lumi legitimatieLuminita – I have no words to describe how yoga has helped me over the years to become the person I am today. Join us and discover how yoga can improve your life for the better too.




MagdalenaMagdalena is a tantra and yoga teacher for Tara Yoga Centre. Her tantric journey began in India in 2001 and since then she has discovered a life full of transformation and personal growth. She loves showing her creativity and passion for life in the classes and workshops she teaches. She also teaches special groups for women, where she inspires women to discover their deep powerful feminine nature.



mariaMaria started her journey of self-discovery through yoga and tantra in 2001 – a journey that started in Denmark and took her to Thailand, India and back. She has been with TYC in London since 2009, teaching yoga, tantra and meditation and facilitating women’s groups. She runs retreats and workshops on various topics. Her style of teaching is practical and approachable, expresses a deep understanding, gained through personal experience and is animated by a great joy of life.


Marilena’s spiritual interest was ignited in her teens, reading novels with mysterious, yet initiatic messages. The desire to know if these incredible ideas could be true was fulfilled in discovering this spiritual school, which felt complete and holistic in its teachings. Her her wish to share this knowledge and to help others awaken more to their true potential is being realised, through teaching tantra, and coordinating Tantra for Women groups in London and Oxford since 2013.


MorganMorgan has been a dedicated and enthusiastic practitioner of yoga and tantra for over 15 years. He is passionate about teaching, inspiring others on their own journey of spiritual transformation. He combines spiritual knowledge with broad life experience, helping him to convey spiritual ideas in clear and insightful ways. He teaches yoga and tantra in Oxford and coordinates spiritual groups for men inspiring them to awaken their masculine potential.


nikos_2 (1)Nikos started his spiritual journey by joining the path of Tantra Yoga 15 years ago. With an open and warm heart he enjoys teaching yoga at Tara which he has done for the last 12 years. He also coordinates the spiritual group for men Mahavira Ananda. In his free time he enjoys walks in nature, photography, listening to music.