We are starting our new year with 4 exciting workshops to help you discover the world of Yoga and Tantra:
- Yoga and Health
- Yoga in your Daily life
- Tantric Sexuality
- A Journey through the Chakras


These days, yoga is more famous than truly known or understood. Many believe yoga to be only about health, flexibility and relaxation, yet a main idea of yoga is the awakening of our inner potential. Within each of us lies vast possibilities and immense power, we can learn to harness through yoga.


Tantra is much more than eroticism, it is the spiritual path that teaches the true art of living and saying YES to life, in all its aspects. It teaches us how to live life in every moment with extreme intensity, full awareness and detachment and how, full of love and understanding, to abandon to the flow of life.

4-2 Offer

To celebrate the Launch of our new Tantra and Yoga courses we are offering you 4 classes for the price of 2. Get a full month for half price. Book yours below.

Welcome To Tara Yoga Centre

Tara Yoga Centre is an oasis of tranquility and home to classes in Yoga and Tantra, along with our inspiring workshops, lectures and wonderful parties. With Centres in London and Oxford, the spiritual ethos of this warm and friendly environment is ‘Saying Yes to Life!’, embracing Life in all it’s aspects and living consciously, focusing on positive transformation.

Through the practice of Yoga and Tantra we gain complete awareness of who we truly are and what we can become. We invite you to visit one of our Centres, try a class, and discover the amazing transformations that are possible for you.

Whether you are a complete novice or a well-travelled practitioner, we have classes, courses and events to help you to come closer to your happiest, most fulfilled self.

Why Choose Tara?

  • Teachers with over 6 years experience and a deep knowledge of Yoga and Tantra
  • A range of courses and workshops from beginners to experienced
  • Warm, friendly and welcoming environment with regular social spiritual events
  • Support and guidance in your practice which can be used to help overcome challenges of life

Through the school I have learned about spirituality and looking back I can see that is what my life was missing. I can see now that life is a wonderful game where we can be actors or simple pawns – it depends on our level of awareness. For this we need teachings like those at Tara.

Jean Bernard - Year 6 Yoga

Tara yoga school has helped me to understand my mind, open my heart, experience true love and find my purpose: to follow a path of conscious evolution." Concise, heartfelt and true. I've waited for a while to feel (not think) the words that reflect the 6 years of life changing and valuable lessons you, Maria and Morgan have taught me. Thank you for all that you have done to guide me.