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Welcome to our student of the month and thank you for taking some time to give us an insight into the world of the Leo.

Is the myth true about Leo being the KING OF THE JUNGLE?

Of course!… But maybe you’re asking the wrong person 😉

Would you say that you are a typical Leo – generous and kind, energetic, strong will power?

I would say I can be like that, but it depends on the abundance of my own energies, and the situation, and how much my Scorpio ascendant is getting involved!

I have seen you on stage a few times and you seem to love being up there, a true entertainer.

I do enjoy the freedom of being on stage, freedom from all the normal limitations and projections. It gives a chance to experience other realities and energies that I might not be confident to express in normal life. I used to avoid performances like the plague when I was younger, until I got involved in music and played in bands where I could hide behind a guitar and my long hair! But it was only after joining this yoga school that I really discovered what performing was about and started to learn what it meant to embody greater energies and even consciousness – to be a channel of what the audience needs to receive. That is what I love – being able to live far greater realities, growing through the process and helping others to grow.

Have the characteristics of your star sign amplified or changed in anyway since you started practising? I’ll mention a few of them here:

Kind and big hearted
Natural leader

How dare you ask such an impertinent question! Yes, they have amplified… Actually it’s been a process of becoming more aware of what those qualities are, and their significance. I didn’t know that much about astrology before, so through the yoga and tantra courses I have become much better informed and seen how these qualities, at least the positive ones, fit into a larger picture of nature’s cycles. One thing I don’t always like about astrology is how some people learn a little bit about it and then think they know your entire personality: ‘Oh you’re a Leo, you must want to lead …’ etc., etc. and pigeonhole you, but then on the other hand I will sometimes find myself playing the Leo role, just because I think that is what people expect – or someone needs to do it. When I’m not playing the part though, I’m quite a private person and enjoy my own space. Generally I have tried to move towards the more positive qualities, which is in fact allowing my Leo soul to express itself ever more fully – it just makes me happy!
Recently in the tantra teacher training course, we were split into groups according to our signs and tasked to create a performance exemplifying those characteristics. I have to say that this was one of the most healing, nourishing and transforming things I have done in a long time!

You are also one of the yoga teachers in our school. How does it feel to teach in such a wonderful environment?

Well as you said, it is wonderful. To be able to work in an environment and teach something, that truly resonates with your soul and everything you want in life, is all that anyone could hope for!

Do you see changes in some of the students that you teach? How does that make you feel?

This is one of the most rewarding aspects – to see how your students grow as a result of the teachings they receive and the aspiration that develops inside them when they start to see that these things genuinely work!
Not dissimilar to the type of initiatic theatre mentioned earlier, teaching also involves opening as a channel to powerful energies and higher consciousness, which is shared with the class through the heart connection you all have, so obviously you become close, like a spiritual family as you journey together on the path.
(The teacher training course is a wondrous adventure! It is open to students in the 3rd year and above, in case anyone is feeling inspired from this!)
I have to give a mention here to the yoga class I have spent the last three years with. We will be going our separate ways at the end of this year so that I can take the new first year group in the autumn, and honestly it is a sad moment! I’ve grown very fond of them indeed, but I think they know that…

Where and how did you discover yoga?

Well, being half-Indian you might imagine that it came through my mother, but she actually grew up in a Catholic family who would have raised her to regard all things yogic as for ‘heathens’. Not a view she holds now, but other than cooking lots of lentils, knitting and going to gentle yoga classes like many people did back in the 70s, she wasn’t exactly steeped in Indian mysticism! Somewhere inside me though the Indian soul was whispering, and pushing me to understand the meaning of life beyond the mundane. This culminated when at the age of 28, my life took an abrupt change of direction (all the astrologers will be saying ”Aaah, Saturn returns” and giving each other knowing looks!). My relationship, band and job all ended within a month of each other and I was given the opportunity to do something completely different. I had a very inspiring summer, free to follow many inspirations, and began to receive all kinds of answers and realisations about life which went straight into my journal! Naturally, this change wasn’t easy at first but I helped myself by becoming alcohol-free and vegetarian, and doing lots of yoga classes – mainly Iyengar and Ashtanga at the time – and this is what got me through. I had always had a calling to teach, and now I had found something worthwhile teaching, so by that December I was on a plane to India to become a yoga teacher! Other than that, I had no itinerary, but as is Mother India’s way, she revealed a very beautiful and inspiring journey for my soul, that kept me there for 18 months during which time I stayed in many ashrams and monasteries, on courses and retreats, sometimes studying, sometimes teaching, and during this time I met a senior teacher from this school and also several faces you will still see at Tara in London and Oxford today.

Were you already looking for a spiritual path before this?

Yes, but without really knowing where to look. As a teenager I used to try and work out the point of it all, but the mind alone can be a cold and dark place, easily tending towards nihilism until it is warmed up and grounded in truth by the heart (but this didn’t really happen until many years later – actually when I began practising yoga and started to feel ‘whole’ for the first time in my adult life). Initially I was drawn to the music and mysticism of the 60s – I still regard Hendrix as my first real teacher, the first to open my eyes to other realities, but it’s all too easy to get lost down that particular rabbit hole! Then I was drawn to martial arts, enjoying the coming together of physical and mental discipline, knowing that it was based in spirituality, but never really finding it being taught in that way. Unfortunately, in those days, I had the same experience when trying to find a genuine yoga class – they all seemed to focus on the physical side without any real understanding of the spiritual reasons behind it. I didn’t really find that meaning until I got to India – until I went to the source!

How has yoga changed your views on life?

Well I can honestly say that only through yoga and tantra have I found a meaningful view of life. Before there was just confusion and ignorance. It’s the only ideology I’ve found with a broad enough perspective to explain and put meaning into every aspect of life. It’s perfectly logical really, if yoga is the path of union with the infinite, with godly reality, with ultimate truth, then of course it can explain everything – nothing can possibly fall outside that remit, beyond the interactions of consciousness and energy. All other sciences, philosophies, even religions to some extent are limited, partial truths because they only consider part of the picture. This is something I have come to believe because I have never found anything, nor can I imagine anything, that can’t be explained from the perspective of tantric yoga.
When we align mind and heart with truth and love, there can only be one outcome… need I say more?!

Could you describe the highlight or the moment when you knew that this is your path, or some of the moments that you remember as life changing?

That was a very clear moment for me during my first trip to Romania for the spiritual summer camp in Costineşti 2001, just after I came back from India.
A bizarre set of circumstances took me there, involving Magdalena and three chance meetings in England and India over two years, an amazing tale of synchronicities which we don’t have space for here, but one I told in the UK summer camp this year.
It was the first time I had really met the Romanian heart of this yoga school, also the first time I met Grieg, its founder, and I was struck by the wholehearted strength of these people who seemed somehow free of a lot of the emotional baggage I saw in many of the spiritual seekers in India. It seemed like the spiritual ‘tourists’ I met were just running away from themselves or issues in their lives, going to India and learning many amazing truths, but not transforming any of the core problems, hence the baggage. I think a lot of this was due to the lack of meaningful ways of incorporating sexuality and desires into spiritual life so that a lot of fundamental issues relating to who we are as men and women are left unresolved to fester away beneath the veneer of being a ‘spiritual person’. Some part of me had always been looking for tantra, without knowing exactly what it was, so meeting these people who seemed so complete due to fully accepting their desires and incorporating them into their spiritual life made me feel like I had found my spiritual family.
The precise moment was an evening on the cliffs overlooking the Black Sea, just as the sun was setting with a beautiful peach sunset and sparse flocks of birds traversing the huge sky. Wonderful angelic music was playing as we waited for Grieg to arrive to start that evening’s spiral meditation. There was such an expansive warm aura of love and contentment, coupled with excited anticipation for Grieg’s imminent arrival and the evening’s events, that I felt like I was getting a glimpse of Satya Yuga, the coming age of enlightenment and universal spirituality. It was one of those undeniable moments when my soul was singing…

Do you have a favourite technique or asana? Is it the lion pose by any chance, or nabhiasana or mayurasana as they amplify the energies of the sun which rules the sign of Leo, or to say it better, is ruled by Leo? 🙂

Nabhiasana and mayurasana are wonderful postures for awakening the inner fire and gaining wilful control over the emotions. I can even say that mayurasana has saved my (emotional) life on some occasions or in challenging periods. I also enjoy simhasana – the lion pose – for its alchemising effect of transforming the lower instincts into higher capacities and elevated states, and the Leonine nobility that brings. Leo is seen as the ruler of the zodiac, its source of life, and through the connection to the Sun, somehow closest to the spiritual heart, although with some strong ego challenges to overcome in reaching it. I would have to say that my favourite moments are when, in meditation, I get glimpses of just how close that spiritual freedom can be, a glimpse of the birthright of the Leo, if he can just stay humble!!

Is there any wisdom that you can share with us while we have you here?

Be happy… Hakuna matata!
You’re the only one getting in your way, so accept yourself, realise your biggest issues are normally covering your greatest treasures, and allow yourself to be happy. It’s your birthright!!
So says the King of the Jungle… 😉


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Hello Beautiful Loves, and welcome to this month’s new inspiration page. We all live our lives the best we can when we are flooded with inspiration by something or someone. Whether it is at home or work or doing yoga, having true inspiration can lead us to having incredible results on this journey through life. If it is a true inspiration, then you can feel that it is rooted in the Divine because it comes through a chain. For example, if you are inspired by someone dear to you, that person will also have had an inspiration. Maybe a friend or relative – who was inspired by someone in a spiritual tradition, who was inspired by a saint, who was originally inspired by God. So, the root of all this inspiration is the Divine, and because of this, although often unknowingly, we are continuously connected to this supreme consciousness.

So I hope this page will either help start or allow you to continue with your connection to something higher and higher and higher, wherever your heart leads you.

This month’s inspiration theme is teamwork. I have always been inspired by how unity can create such a strong core and foundation to build something. Here at our school we have a really strong group of people who are inspired by those around them to live a life of serving others and being karma yogis, doing all actions for a higher purpose and without personal gain.

I read a quote recently that really rang true:  “It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.” – Unknown Author.

One of the times I truly felt a wonderful state of this was during the preparation and clearing of an event held by Tara. We had so many rooms and places to arrange prior to the start, then clearing at the end, in such a short period of time – preparing a space that was to inspire and allow others to discover Yoga and Tantra and allow the Divine to enter their lives. There is no denying there were worried faces at the beginning thinking it could not all be done on time, but the state that was then felt once we started was incredible. Every single moment in those couple of hours, I felt I was in the exact place I needed to be. I cannot think of how many rooms I was preparing but I felt like I was in a place with God looking down on me, moving me as he feels – and I was not the only one. The unity between us all was what kept driving us. Doing it for something greater than ourselves; it was a nourishment of the soul.

Driving each other forward, allowing us to be the best we each can be, we need one another. This is the bond that will allow us to grow further.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb.

My love to you, and please enjoy this video. Let us be like geese and fly high and far together – becoming a line of one to the Divine.
Alan El-Nachef


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Hi Magdalena! Thank you for being our Cancer student of the month. Cancerians are emotional, sensitive and nurturing beings. Are you a true moonchild?

Yes, I am pretty moony. I have sun, ascendant and moon all in cancer, so I cannot escape it really. But, you know, we Cancerians seem to get quite a bad press. We are actually warm and loving beings and you always know how a Cancerian is feeling, making them very authentic souls.

You are also one of Tara Yoga Centre’s teachers, teaching yoga and tantra. Can you tell us why you started teaching?

When you discover teachings that really motivate you and you find answers that fascinate your soul, you simply want to share them. Through my yoga practice, I found keys to open doorways to really happy places, and discovered that yoga is absolutely necessary for me and I see all the time how it transforms me. I wouldn’t teach something that I don’t feel – and yoga and tantra, I really feel. I feel it pumping through my veins and I feel blessed that I discovered this journey so easily. I decided to start teaching because I saw how well it works for me and I simply wanted other people to have the chance to experience all the miraculous things that yoga and tantra bring.

How did you come to join the school?

About 17 years ago, I had just finished a really challenging period of my life, where I felt like my soul had been squashed and stuck in a small plastic bottle in the bottom of a cupboard. I had just finished my first year of working as a doctor and had felt all the life sucked out of me working long hours and stressful shifts in an inner city hospital. I decided that life deserved to be really beautiful and I felt a calling to discover more about myself and the Universe. This calling took me around the world from Mexico to India. In India, a series of synchronicities during a very magical journey led me to discover a school connected with Tara Yoga Centre, and after a few years I ended up at Tara Yoga Centre in London. As soon, as I heard the teachings, I felt that they were exactly what I was looking for and after practising them, I discovered all sorts of sublime and beautiful realities become alive inside me and around me.

Have you always been interested in spirituality?

As a child I did have an interest in the paranormal. I used to stare at spoons and see if I could bend them (without success) and liked to test my clairvoyant and intuitive capacities by guessing which card or what would happen next. I was also interested in lucid dreaming from childhood and into teens. I also remember in my teens being aware how much we can shape our reality if we change our perspective.

What have been the most important discoveries for you through the practice of yoga and tantra?

Discovering all the miracles that love has brought in my life have marked ecstatic moments, shaping my soul. Being able to love and being deeply in love, even when sometimes exterior circumstances make it seem hard, is just so wonderful. To be open enough to live these experiences and then discover the Divine in the core of them – this is miraculous.

The journey of awakening as a woman also comes high on the list. I discovered that awakening more spiritually also goes hand in hand with feminine awakening. It’s really important and applies to all women, I feel.

Also the amazing effects of practising yoga never cease to amaze me. On all the levels.

You seem to be quite outgoing but you are a Cancerian. How does that work?

I have always been quite outgoing. I like to test my limits a lot and challenge myself to go beyond them. But, I do also have a mysterious inner world that I venture into quite a lot. I love my time in this inner world.

I have found through practising yoga and tantra, that I have much more balance between these two worlds. Actually, yoga and tantra have helped me so much to harmonise being such a cancer, especially with my strong emotional and receptive nature.

I love being Cancerian. I love being empathic, feeling things, being deeply touched. I love being creative, devotional, sensual and nurturing, just as all cancers can be.

And we Cancers are also full of tenacity. We don’t give up and we work hard.

What have been exciting moments for you since you have been in this school?

Difficult question to narrow down! Excitement and intensity come around a lot.

The chance to receive direct guidance from an amazing spiritual mentor is something very special.

Teaching is an amazing exciting experience. I love it!

Creating and being in spiritual theatre and art has been something intensely beautiful. We have lots of events at Tara that we make performances for. And something magical happens where spirituality and art come together… it’s called transformation.

What would you say you like about Tara Yoga Centre the most?

I love the growing community that we build. Every year, I meet so many lovely people who come to our centre. For me, Tara is a home and a sanctuary of spirituality in a city and country which really needs it.

Any pearls of wisdom to pass onto others?

Dare to choose to live life from your heart and there you will discover the divine in your life.

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Just imagine how different your daily life would be if you could just shift your states and choose a higher perspective. For many, this is very difficult – or even impossible. So when you are stuck, rather than focusing on changing external circumstances,you can choose to change your attitude through a practice of gratitude. If you want to learn how, just follow the link below.

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The path of Karma Yoga was first described, or at least recorded, in the Baghavad Gita by Krishna speaking to Arjuna, and it is ideally suited to our busy modern lives, and to tantra.

It is the yoga of action, which, as Krishna pointed out, is always superior to inaction, when it is done consciously. This implies acting without becoming attached to the fruits of our actions, not believing that you are solely responsible for whatever you create and not taking the credit for it. This attitude becomes possible when we realise that our personal will is just an illusion that stems from the ego, and actually creates a separation from the far more powerful Universal will that would act through us if we simply got out of the way.
If we can align ourselves with the Universal will, or in other words, if we make the right choices in life, then life itself will manifest through us in a way that brings success and abundance, channeling love, light and happiness through us to all those around.
It makes a fundamental difference in that when we believe we are the ones acting, we are seeing ourselves as being separate from the world and therefore we consume our own limited energy reserves. If we approach a task by acting as a channel of the Universal will, however, then a huge power is put into action, which, should we manage to stay connected to and aware of it, will actually re-energise us in the process!
So, no matter how physically demanding a job appears to be, we can tell how we have approached it by checking whether we feel either exhausted or replenished afterwards.
It makes everything more efficient and successful, and can be applied to everything we do in life, from work to yoga practice, to lovemaking! It is an attitude that can be likened to a high level of self-transfiguration.

It is also an attitude that will keep us fully present in our actions and transform even menial, boring tasks into a source of satisfaction, happiness and bliss, by quieting the ego-mind.
If you are curious and would like to experience what it is like to be part of a team working in this way, then why not come and join us for a day in August as we renovate the London yoga centre. It will change your perspective on life and work, altogether…

After all, ‘Work is Love made visible.’ – Khalil Gibran

Contact for more information about how to offer your heartfelt support, of any kind, to this wonderful task.

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Hello Tom and thank you for being our Gemini student of the month. Temperature’s have risen and the Spring is here… being a curious, action loving and airy Gemini, you must be feeling alive! Have you become Tigger yet!?

You are quite right! I am having a hard time sitting still at my desk all day.

Having seen you dance – intensely – where would you say you get your ‘bounce’ from?

It just comes naturally to me as an expression of my soul. In particular, I seem to have an innate sensitivity for movement and sound. Time and time again have I found myself with my body begging to be freed whenever I hear music I resonate with, and doing so very quickly gets me into a state of trance whether dancing, massaging or meditating.

It definitely seems to come from a good place. Would you say you resonate with the many positive qualities a Gemini can be endowed with: brilliance of mind, good communication skills, gregariousness, diplomacy, vivacity, enthusiasm, tact, cheerfulness, wit, versatility, ambition, kindness, thoughtfulness, open-mindedness and having strong leadership qualities? I think that list must have been written by a Gemini – with their inherent love of understanding and ideas!

When I feel grounded and centred, yes definitely! However, my chart has a number of oppositions which express themselves as contradictions in my personality. For instance, I have to deal with an ascendant in Sagittarius, conjunct Saturn, which often gives the external impression of being taciturn. My Mars in Cancer can make my mood change from extroversion to introversion within minutes.

How did you come to join the school?

I was introduced to Tara Yoga Centre by my friend Irina who was attending the same Master’s degree in Statistics at Imperial, and is a third year student at TYC.

You said you resisted for a long time. Was this because you wanted to find your own way on the path, or a resistance to spirituality in general?

I had done a lot of Kundalini Yoga and a number of Vipassanas in the past and was starting to get interested in sacred sexuality, so I was no stranger to spirituality. But it took me a while to get properly exposed to the teachings at Tara, as my first exposures were with the drop-in classes. And I must say that Hatha Yoga without the spiritual context was just not dynamic and physically challenging enough for me. In time, I started to appreciate this form of Yoga much more as I progressed through the Tantra course and could practice along with meditation and pranayama techniques.

How do you reconcile your outer dynamism and the inner stillness required in yoga practice?

As I said, despite being Gemini, I can also be very introverted and reclusive. Stillness is an essential part of my life. I can go crazy if a significant part of my week isn’t spent in Mauna [silence]. Ironically, one of my favourite things to do in life is relaxing on a sofa doing nothing but observing my breath. Not your typical Gemini…

What have been the major turning points for you since joining the course?

Three in particular definitely stick out: the Polarity Retreat the last two years and the Retreat for Revealing the Self in Denmark last Christmas. The Polarity retreats have rewired how I approach my interaction with women. For instance after this year’s retreat, I became aware that the yoni is a source of wonder and magic that I never truly appreciated before. The Self Revelation retreat brought God into my life and made me realise the importance of the Spiritual Heart on the path.

What would you say you like about Tara Yoga Centre the most?

If I had to pick only one thing, then I would choose the community of women. London is such a hard place for women to express their femininity safely. As a man, that makes for a lifeless city in many ways. Tara gives them that safe haven, that I personally rejoice in because I find nothing more enlivening than being in the presence of a radiant woman.

Any pearls of wisdom to pass onto others?

Quit living life in your head, stop trying to control what is happening to you and follow your heart. You will make mistakes as you slowly un-condition yourself and learn to differentiate between what your heart wants and what your ego pushes you towards, but in time and with awareness, that attitude is the highway for fast transformation. I try very hard to enact this wisdom despite having an overactive intellect.


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Like every year, Tara Yoga Centre will be doing a Yang Spiral Meditation at Stonehenge this Summer Solstice. If you can’t join us, but still would like to celebrate this extraordinary time of the year, just follow the link to check amazing inspirations.


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Why does time seem to speed up evermore as we get older? Do you remember the summer holidays seemingly lasting an eternity when you were a child, yet now whole years seem to be gone in the blink of an eye!?

As Einstein pointed out, time is completely subjective and appears to speed up or slow down according to the attention we pay to each of the small moments that make it up. So it makes sense that as we get older or ‘grow up’, and our personality or ego develops along with our life experience – as we are told it should – what is really happening is that we are being fooled by the ego into not paying attention to life because it tells us that we have ‘seen it all before’ and know how to automatically react to each situation that arises rather than acting freely and consciously to each new phenomenon. This means that our moments of true awareness become less and less frequent and therefore time seems to speed up as we lose our grip on the present moment.

We can attempt to reverse this process in many ways. Obviously, anything that increases awareness will improve the attention we can pay to life, slowing down the flow of time. We can consider the mind like a fly-wheel that gathers momentum with every uncontrolled thought that flies through it. It will constantly speed up unless we do something to control the flow of thoughts. This can be achieved by doing simple mindfulness techniques, such as always having a few moments of awareness whenever we finish a task, before starting the next one. That applies at the level of actions, but it also works with the mind, by observing the interval between two thought processes. These pauses allow us to apply the ‘brakes’ to our racing minds, at least for a moment. And the more moments of awareness we can inject into our days, the more control we can take over our life.

Another approach is to reawaken the sense of wonder, seeing life itself as a never-ending series of new and beautiful experiences, exactly as we did as children when life was all one big adventure. This highly transfigured view of life, which came quite naturally to us when young, is a sign of an awakened soul and is another key to preventing the automated responses of the mind from lulling us into robotic sleep and ever quickening days. This is exactly when we start to rediscover life’s hidden treasures as we properly engage our senses, become increasingly present in life, and feel our souls rejoicing in the beauty of the here and now – the taste of eternity which opens up when we begin to transcend time itself…


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Hello Carolina, and thank you for being our Aries student of the month.
We have arrived back at the beginning of the zodiac cycle, with the ‘youngest’ sign! So, are you overwhelmed with enthusiasm for constant new beginnings, firing off spontaneous, enterprising ideas with a flare for the daring and courageous? As you can see, I might be expecting an optimistic answer here!

Oh yes I love new beginnings! The excitement of discovering something or someone new, the rising possibility of a new challenge ahead that I often feel drawn towards before even having identified what it is and if I really want it. I am not sure about spontaneity though – for me the Aries headfirst approach manifests in a very mental way. What I mean is, I have a tendency to filter actions through my reasoning mind, which often doesn’t leave much space for spontaneity. Like right now I am definitely over-thinking this answer 🙂

This impetuous fire can also sometimes spill over into impatience, pride and vanity – I don’t recognise those qualities in you, but do you notice them under the surface sometimes?

Impatience towards others yes, but generally not in an impetuous or aggressive way. It’s more like a background belief that I’d rather ‘do it on my own’, because others slow me down which leads to a strong independence and sometimes little willingness to compromise to meet others, let alone wait for them. However I find that I have a good amount of patience with myself and I am rather stable in the choices I make, leaving enough time for the challenges I am facing to bear fruits – most often excellent fruits, which is the proud me I guess 😉

I know several artists and creative types who are Aries, always able to pull new creative ideas from the ether. Do you identify with that quality?

Mmmm, not really, no. I can come out with very good practical ideas, but creative ideas, not yet…one day!

You seem to me a very serene, patient and heartful person so maybe there are other astrological influences at work here. However, I know you also have a love of the adventurous and dynamic – has that love of challenging activities always been there?

Well, 4 out of 5 of my personal planets are in Aries so there isn’t so much ambiguity in the chart. I think my Saturn in Capricorn and having been raised by two Capricorn parents has tamed the flame down a bit. Jumping around from one interest to the next was never an option – that’s how I think discipline and dedication are well rooted into me. Dedication towards sports challenges for example: I was a world class fencing competitor and found many wonderful satisfactions and learnings in the practice of this sport. At any holiday time I loved challenging myself more with outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding, sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing; and not to leave anything unaccomplished. I also challenged myself with what I intentionally chose to be the most demanding studies I could find: maths and engineering. So yes, it has always been there, not only a love for challenging activities, but a love for challenge within any activity, I would say.

So what drew you to wanting to learn about spirituality?

I didn’t know I wanted to learn about spirituality. It was nowhere near my to-do list!

How did you discover Tara Yoga Centre then?

I had a colleague I really admired who was into a lot of fascinating sports and activities and among these many things he was attending the Tantra course at Tara. I went on a snowboarding holiday with him and a friend of his who was also in the school, and that is where I had the chance to hear some intriguing conversations between them about relationships that immediately ignited my curiosity. As soon as we came back from the holiday I dropped into one of the classes and in a matter of days I had signed up for the upcoming polarity camp! That was a new beginning, the most life-changing one I have ever had. Before then I had never practised any yoga, meditation, mindfulness, I had not ever come across any spiritual or even new age community. It was all excitingly new, a world I didn’t know existed. Many teachings were at first hard to believe but after the camp I had no doubt I wanted to learn and practise them.

What is it that makes this school special for you?

Even though I had not explored any similar environments before coming to Tara, from the beginning I felt a growing sense of contentment and fulfilment about being part of this school, an intuitive certainty of being in the most wonderful place, even without directly knowing any other. If I had to expand a bit more beyond this beautiful feeling, I would say that what makes this school special is the impressive comprehensiveness and coherence of all the teachings and the unconditional love that the teachers shine into all the lectures and activities that are offered to us.

Has something helped you to remain constant on your spiritual path, rather than always wanting to try new things?

Like I mentioned before, I am quite disciplined at remaining constant in my activities as long as I have a goal ahead. There is so much that I aspire to on this spiritual path, that I can’t see myself running short of goals. It’s different from any other challenge I have previously had. It’s only been two years since I joined the school and I am sure there will be times of lack of aspiration but it’s not been the case so far. I am still finding very many new things every class and every camp. If I am curious to try something else, I do, but then I naturally bring it into the perspective I am developing on this path. I have yet to find something that doesn’t fit into its picture.

So your passionate side is somehow satisfied, or has it been more a matter of learning to control and channel it positively?

My passionate side is still finding its way around. I know clearly that the way I used to take care of it is not fulfilling any more, but it’s taking some time to transition to new possibilities. This applies to relationships, sexuality but also to all the enthusiasm and energy that I used to put into outdoor adventures that I now feel less drawn towards. I know I am making space for something bigger but I am not fully clear how to channel energies there yet.

Do you have any memorable transforming moments or beautiful experiences you would like to share from the last few years?

The camps have been the most memorable and transforming moments. In that first polarity camp I felt a huge expansion of my heart and a feeling of love and peace and happiness coming from within myself, and not directed towards anyone or anything specifically but rather to everyone and everything at the same time. I had not even heard about a similar state of being before, so having such a tangible experience of it at the very start was a wonderful and unforgettable grace.

And finally, if you had the chance to give one piece of advice to the world, what would it be?

Mmm, I really don’t know how to answer this question. I think if I had a genuine single piece of advice to the world I would know without having to look for it, so I will abstain for now 😉

Thank you!