Drop-in hatha yoga classes for all abilities and experience levels for well-being, including yoga, meditation and relaxation


Each class has a different theme, bringing improved flexibility, physical and emotional health, stress relief and relaxation. Come and experience the benefits of yoga, meditation and relaxation in our beautiful Centres in London and Oxford. These classes are suitable for all levels and FREE for students and OAPs (proof is required)

LONDON class times and themes (Oxford see below)

Monday 17:30-18:30: Core strength yoga
Holding postures a little longer to build stability, strength, flexibility and muscle tone
By holding postures for a longer time, many advantages can be gained - from the activation of the glands, organs and improving of muscle tone, to profound relaxation & regeneration of the body. This is a more mindful approach to Yoga, a practice done with greater stillness and awareness that at the same time builds strength, stability and flexibility.  
Tuesday 17:30-18:30: Yoga for the heart
Yoga to focus on the heart, building a state of wellbeing, openness, relaxation and love
Many spiritual traditions regard the heart as the seat of the soul and a gate to the spirit. Indeed, popularly the heart is synonymous with Love. Modern scientific research too proves how the Heart (and cardiac coherence) has an intelligence of its own, bringing emotional harmony and improved mental clarity. In this yoga session, our focus is on the heart.  
Wednesday 17:30-18:30: Meditation and mindfulness
Meditation class to achieve a relaxed, clear and focused mind
‘The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself'. In this meditation course we introduce simple techniques to train the mind and simultaneously improve relaxation in order to enter the present moment. These practices will give greater mental focus, inner peace and happiness. (NB: It is highly recommended to treat these classes as a course and commit to attend, if possible.)  
Thursday 17:30-18:30: Yin-Yang yoga
Yoga for balance and harmony in the body
When the energies in the body are out of balance, this can result in emotional instability, sickness, and a general lack of harmony. Postures that may be practised in a polar way (meaning first on one side of the body, then the other) are a way to redress the balance in the body. The harmonising of these energies brings profound inner balance and peace.  
Friday 17:30-18:30: Relax and Unwind 
A relaxation class, including yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques
The state of profound relaxation has many benefits, including happiness, health, relief of stress and improved efficiency in all actions. This class will help you to de-stress after the working week, allowing you to centre and re-balance the body, while also bringing you a feeling of regeneration and harmony.  
tara-wellbeing-sabSaturday 11:00-12:30: Traditional Hatha Yoga (90 minutes)
A longer class including a variety of yoga postures and a meditation at the end
Traditional Hatha Yoga, as it was practised in ancient India, has many benefits in our world today. Improvements may be felt even after a single session, while regular practice brings enhanced health and wellbeing, body harmony and tone, emotional balance and relaxation. Beginning with sun salutations and warm-ups, this session will then take you through a variety of traditional postures, concluding with a relaxation and meditation.  

OXFORD class times and themes

Monday 17:15-18:15: Yoga for the heart
Yoga to focus on the heart, building a state of wellbeing, openness, relaxation and love
(As above)
Tuesday 17:15-18:15: Yin-Yang yoga
Yoga for balance and harmony in the body
(As above)
Wednesday 17:15-18:15: Core strength yoga
Holding postures a little longer to build stability, strength, flexibility and muscle tone
(As above)
What You Experience
  • Daily classes (see programme above)
  • Each week your practice will build on the previous week
  • Classes that run for the entire year
  • No need to book in advance
How You Will Benefit
  • Classes are suitable for all levels
  • With continuous practice feel improvements in flexibility, physical health and emotional well being
  • Discover improved relaxation and relief from stress
  • You can always take things at your own pace
  • Benefit from experienced teachers. Before they can teach, all our teachers have practised Yoga for a minimum of 3 years before even beginning the extensive 2 year teacher training course
  • All classes are supported by Tara Yoga Centre's social environments, where you can meet and interact with like-minded people with similar aspiration

Drop-in Yoga - class times, prices and locations

Tara Yoga Centre - London

Tara Yoga Centre - London
25-31 Ironmonger Row
Old Street / London (View Map)
020 7251 8626
Mon-Fri: 17:30-18:30
Saturday: 11:00-12:30
No need to book - just drop in!

Tara Yoga Centre - Oxford

Tara Yoga Centre - Oxford
2nd Floor Crown House
193 Cowley Road
Oxford (View Map)
01865 362802
Mon, Tues & Wed:
No need to book - just drop in!
What has kept me coming back for 6 years is the mixture of theory and practice the course gives. Its important to know what to do but having the theoretical understanding of why makes a huge difference. I would recommend this course to anyone.
I came into Tara in need of reconnecting with myself following a very difficult episode in my life, which left me totally floored.By reaching out of myself and contacting some very beautiful people once again, I found I was able to renew and re-emerge
Everybody is open and genuinely wants to help their fellow students or Teachers. It's a sense of community- everyone always trying to help everybody else get to where they want to go or to find out what they are seeking - it feels like you are part of a family.
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