The Masculine Archetypes of the Soul

A 1-day workshop for men

Discover a deeper purpose in life by connecting with the masculine archetypes of the soul. Masculinity resonates profoundly with four archetypal male energies: the king, warrior, lover and magician. You have a predominant archetype (more or less awakened) that determines how you see the world, react to life situations, interact with others and manifest your life energies. Discover your predominant archetype and learn how to unlock the transforming power of all four archetypes within you for building a life of passion and purpose.

In this workshop we will:
– Reveal in-depth knowledge of the four main archetypes
– Identify your main driving energies
– Explore the use of the archetypes as a system for the awakening of the soul
– Provide practical exercises to connect with the qualities of each archetype

Teachers: Morgan Arundel and Andrew Tope

Price: £60 or £45 for members

For more information, contact

Tara Yoga Centre - Oxford
2nd Floor Crown House
193 Cowley Road

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Key Information
Date:22nd April 2017
Time:10:30 - 17:30
Location:Tara Yoga Centre - Oxford
Cost:£60 (£45 for members)