Welcome Maria, our Aquarian student & teacher of the month! So, first question we will change from “How did you find Tara Yoga Centre?” to “How did you found Tara Yoga Centre?”

I didn’t actually found Tara Yoga Centre. When I arrived in London about 9 years ago Tara had already been here for many years. At that time we had a place in Ealing plus we were hiring halls around the city for the classes. Around 6 years ago we moved to our beautiful centre in Old Street which was the beginning of a new era of the school you might say. A spiritual school, like anything in life, is in a continuous process of transformation. I am very grateful to be part of this process.

Were you always interested in spirituality?

I had experiences I didn’t understand from an early age, and did have a personal relationship to God as a child, but I wouldn’t say it was my main focus until later. I was interested in yoga and meditation, but grew up in the countryside without so many possibilities – and also other things drew my attention as a teenager 😉 But the interest and openness was there and easily kindled when the right moment came.

So how did you come to finding this school, prior to moving to London?

In university I met someone who had been studying with a sister school in India and together we attended a tantra class in Natha (Tara’s sister school in Denmark). It was as if I found what I didn’t know I was looking for and I quickly started the yoga class too. I have been with the school ever since. At that point I realised also that a lot of the longing I experienced in my life but didn’t consider ‘spiritual’ might actually be. The longing for a more fulfilling erotic experience, the longing for a life that gave a wider range of possibilities, not only as a physical experience, the longing for a sense of deeper meaning – and just the general feeling that there must be more to life.

What is the most transforming event, meditation, tapas or spiritual practice you have done since you have been in this school?

Learning what it truly means to love has been the most important and transforming practice for me – and still is. I believe it is the most important lesson we can learn and the key for so many other transformations in our being.

What is your favourite teaching/asana/technique, and why?

I don’t really do favourites…it is very hard for me to choose as I genuinely enjoy a lot of different practices. But if I have to mention some techniques that have been my most constant ‘friends’ over the past 15 years it would be nauli kriya, sirsasana and laya yoga. Nauli kriya to awaken inner fire and begin the process of inner alchemy, sirsasana to give perspective (and so often a life saver) and laya yoga as my first love for the amazing experiences of an expanded consciousness that brings increased awareness to all of your life.

Would you say that you are typical Aquarian?

I guess I am…though an Aquarian would never like to be called typical!

And what do your friends say?

You’d have to ask them…I think they would – though they might have a thing or two to say about my Scorpio ascendant…

And what is the best thing about your star sign?

An inextinguishable hope! Aquarians are the best at always maintaining hope. Also tolerance and idealistic vision.

And what’s the worst thing about your star sign?

Hmmm…a slight bit of arrogance maybe.

Do you get on with others of your sign?

Yes! No one quite understand you like an Aquarian sister or brother.

And in relation to lovers? Which star sign makes the best lover?

As I said, I don’t do favourites 😉

What is the most challenging thing you have done at Tara Yoga Centre, within the school? And do you feel being an Aquarian helped?

Being part of growing a school is not easy even if it is incredibly rewarding. Having the Aquarian qualities of hope, awareness, tolerance and vision definitely helps in being part of and giving direction to this wonderful process.

If you had a motto written on a T-shirt describing your attitude towards life, what would it say?

Love isn’t easy – but it is alive!

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