Hello Giorgiana, thank you for being our Pisces student of the month, although your birthday is right on the cusp with Aquarius. So which do you identify with most?

Hi. Thank you too!
I used to identify mostly with the Aquarius part and qualities and ignore the Pisces part, which actually represents the energy or resonance for my future evolution…
But this has changed in the last year and a half since my spiritual guide said to me that I am more Pisces than Aquarius, and now I’m paying more attention to all the aspects.

You do seem to have the qualities of Aquarius, being truthful, just, curious, with an affectionate personality, frank and imaginative, but then also the generosity, compassion, faithfulness and caring of Pisces. Maybe this is part of the Piscean mystery – not easily categorised?

Yes, it is very possible. Also, being on the cusp between two zodiac signs gives you the attributes of both of them, harmonising these influences, but also bringing the energy of the void between these two which has its own qualities. At least this is how I feel it, but it might also explain why people (even astrologers!) always find it difficult to guess my sign.

So how did you find the yoga school?

My best friend back in Romania had been doing yoga for more than 20 years… then I received a flyer advertising Ayurveda courses with this school, which I joined for a year, but then on arriving in England it took me 5 months to find Tara Yoga Centre. Probably I was not asking the right people!

Coming from a background of geological engineering, what appealed to you about the yoga teachings?

Well, I feel that this life is more than what they teach you in the regular schools, and the amount of knowledge in this course is impressive.

I hear you have a love of Speleology – caving. With all the famous stories of yogis meditating in caves, have you ever tried this yourself, particularly the practice of kaya kalpa, which is done in the kind of complete darkness you only find deep underground?

Yes. I love it. Funnily enough I did it just before starting the yoga course. The underground space is peaceful, full of love and connection to the Earth… But now, in England, just sometimes during the night without the beautiful support of the cave…

Certainly it seems you have a love of exploring mysteries, has your yoga practice revealed some of your inner mysteries?

It showed me that the mystery is bigger than I used to think it is…

Have there been particular breakthrough moments in your spiritual practice?

The tiny moments take you step by step to bigger realisations, and all this helps me to discover myself more, and shine.

What would you say to anyone considering exploring yoga and tantra?

To follow their hearts and to enjoy the mystery of life and love.

Any final words of wisdom?

Love is all that matters.

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