Welcome to the student of the month and thank you for taking your time to do this article that hopefully can inspire fellow students to understand the characteristic traits of Scorpio.
Here are a few….

Positive traits:

Focused, Brave, Balanced, Faithful, Ambitious, Intuitive, Mysterious, Charming, Passionate, Emotional, Intelligent, Wise, Mature, Powerful

Negative qualities:

Manipulative, Resentful, Secretive, Jealous, Vindictive

How does that sound? Would you say that some of the above mentioned traits are correct in explaining the Scorpio’s way of being?

Starting with the positive traits, everyone has them to a certain extent but those with a Scorpio sign who have stepped onto an authentic spiritual path will continue to amplify them as much as possible despite all the apparent barriers. Twenty-four years ago I was not aware that these positive traits might help one to transform oneself as a human being. They were useful to climb on the social hierarchy…
Once I started to attend yoga courses these star sign qualities began to get more refined ‘guiding’ me to deepen my understanding of life’s meaning.

Would you say that you are a typical Scorpio? If so, can you please tell us what a typical Scorpio is like from your point of view, according to your sign. Can you give us some examples from your own experience with the qualities mentioned above?

Life for a Scorpio is like a battlefield: always ready to ‘fight’ for his aims (material or spiritual). He doesn’t give up once he has chosen to reach a certain target. It doesn’t matter how long he waits to get what he wants, he is persistent in obtaining what he already set his mind/heart on.
Before starting to practice yoga I was very jealous. I gave my girlfriend almost no opportunities to get in touch with other people (especially men). I was even jealous with my best friend if he was just chatting or touching my girlfriend in an affectionate way when we were at a party.
Starting yoga years ago helped me to switch off from being manipulative, jealous and resentful. I started to develop a better understanding of everyone’s feelings, desires, needs etc.

How did you start your spiritual journey? Were you always drawn to the mysterious aspects of life?

I grew up beside a church; as a child I always played in the churchyard. I witnessed funerals, baptisms, and weddings. Once I started to wonder to myself, “Why do people die? Why are babies born?” I was maybe seven or eight years old. All these questions triggered the desire to find out what happens to us after we pass away. I even wondered why am I this individual, and why do I not feel what others feel? Why am I separate from others? At that age I couldn’t find an answer.
Later on, I discovered yoga practice through my best friend who had already been practicing yoga for two years. We were involved in different sports; he was practicing martial arts and I was playing football at a professional club. I was 21 years old when he gave me a book about yoga and told me very seriously to read it. I was so impressed by what was written in that yoga book.
Soon I started to attend yoga classes regularly. The yoga techniques really improved my sense of well-being.
I began to obtain answers to the many questions of my youth through real life experiences.

How old were you when you started being interested in sexuality? Can you share with us some of your experiences as a young Scorpio?

As a teenager I was attracted to beautiful women. I adored them, wondering how these women could be so beautiful, so sensitive, so intense in the way they lived their lives…
This state of admiration transformed in time to a desire to express my love for them. This desire took the form of making love physically, thus becoming one and the same person.
I started to make love from the age of nineteen. I was deeply interested in feeling how the woman was experiencing this unique moment of becoming ONE. I can say that from an early stage of my sexual life I was practising sexual continence. I was fulfilled by seeing the woman happy through making love. I discovered that a woman can have a huge sexual potential that can lead to four or five hours of making love continuously. I discovered that the woman’s body is so complex in love-making compared with the male’s body -that through making love her being starts to radiate mystical energy. Through making love I discovered that a woman can help the man to get closer to the divine.

What Sign would be the ideal lover for a Scorpio?

For me the ideal lover is a Woman who can feel the Divine Presence in a Man…

What is the best thing and the worst thing about being a Scorpio?

The best thing is that once you become friends/lovers with me it is for life. I can sacrifice my life to the person who requires me to help her/him …
The worst thing is that I cannot easily forget when somebody has made me suffer…

You have been on the yoga course for quite some time…how long have you been practicing?

From the age of twenty-one I have practised yoga regularly. I was living in an ashram for five years where every day I practised two or three hours of yoga plus meditations. Now I am forty-eight.

How has the yoga practice helped you to change your life for the better?

Yoga practice helped me to better engage in social life, to boost my immune system, to amplify my latent qualities, to improve my mental power, to gain self-confidence and self-esteem, to discover that I am a divine spark…

What is the most transforming event, meditation, tapas or spiritual practice you have done since you have been in this school?

The most transforming event occurred due to a twenty-four hour practice of praying to God…

Tell us a few words about Tara Yoga Centre and a few words of wisdom to the readers of this article.

I came to England exactly ten years ago. I discovered Tara Yoga Centre in London. I was coming from Wales almost every week to attend two or three hours of yoga under the guidance of Tara Yoga Centre teachers. I never thought that the distance was an obstacle. Now I am coming every Sunday from Bristol to attend yoga courses.

Tara Yoga Centre is an amazing place filled with special people, from the students to the teachers.
This summer I felt inspired to support Tara Yoga Centre in the renovations to expand the centre. For one month almost from morning till night I helped with all the small things I could do. I am not a professional handy man, nor do I have skills in plumbing etc., but I helped there and I felt AMAZING.
Some words of wisdom for the readers: NEVER give up once you have started to practice yoga.

Lucian Gradinariu
19th year of the Yoga Course
Tara Yoga Centre

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