Music and Music Therapy


“Music is the mirror of the soul. It comes from the heart and it addresses the heart.”

Welcome to the magical world of sounds! Music is a permanent source of health and happiness, and is a very efficient spiritual path of evolution.

In this course we will guide you through all kinds of music, from rock, reggae and blues, to traditional folk, classical and sacred music, explaining how music helps us to resonate with different kinds of energy in the universe. We will also discover together the healing effects of sound, using vowel therapy, bowls, crystals and gongs.

The Spiritual Music course runs every week on Fridays at 6.30pm, beginning 30th September. For more detailed information about the course, contact

Cost: £13 for a taster class, or £135 for 12 weeks membership with many additional benefits. 50% discount if you are already signed up to any of our other courses.