Summer Retreat 2017

Life’s Mysteries: Hidden treasures in plain sight
6 days Tantra Yoga Retreat

5th-11th June, 2017

We are born with fresh eyes, but as we grow up, life quickly becomes something known. The state of wonder in front of the little miracles of creation becomes more and more rare – not because the miracles disappear, but because we become blind to them.

In this year’s Summer Retreat, we will open our eyes and see. We will realise that we are surrounded by hidden mysteries – and discovering them will help us to awaken our soul and to bring us closer to ourselves. Noticing the wonders of life and creation reminds us of and awakens us to the true potential of our own inner universe.

Through lectures, workshops and togetherness we will look for the mysteries of life and will find them everywhere: in the words we say, in the land we live in, in each other’s eyes, in all the small and big things of life – and most of all in our own hearts.