The path of Karma Yoga was first described, or at least recorded, in the Baghavad Gita by Krishna speaking to Arjuna, and it is ideally suited to our busy modern lives, and to tantra.

It is the yoga of action, which, as Krishna pointed out, is always superior to inaction, when it is done consciously. This implies acting without becoming attached to the fruits of our actions, not believing that you are solely responsible for whatever you create and not taking the credit for it. This attitude becomes possible when we realise that our personal will is just an illusion that stems from the ego, and actually creates a separation from the far more powerful Universal will that would act through us if we simply got out of the way.
If we can align ourselves with the Universal will, or in other words, if we make the right choices in life, then life itself will manifest through us in a way that brings success and abundance, channeling love, light and happiness through us to all those around.
It makes a fundamental difference in that when we believe we are the ones acting, we are seeing ourselves as being separate from the world and therefore we consume our own limited energy reserves. If we approach a task by acting as a channel of the Universal will, however, then a huge power is put into action, which, should we manage to stay connected to and aware of it, will actually re-energise us in the process!
So, no matter how physically demanding a job appears to be, we can tell how we have approached it by checking whether we feel either exhausted or replenished afterwards.
It makes everything more efficient and successful, and can be applied to everything we do in life, from work to yoga practice, to lovemaking! It is an attitude that can be likened to a high level of self-transfiguration.

It is also an attitude that will keep us fully present in our actions and transform even menial, boring tasks into a source of satisfaction, happiness and bliss, by quieting the ego-mind.
If you are curious and would like to experience what it is like to be part of a team working in this way, then why not come and join us for a day in August as we renovate the London yoga centre. It will change your perspective on life and work, altogether…

After all, ‘Work is Love made visible.’ – Khalil Gibran

Contact for more information about how to offer your heartfelt support, of any kind, to this wonderful task.

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