Mens Tantra Group

Tantra for men

New Women’s Shakti group on Mondays & Tuesdays after class (choose one of the days). First group 31st Oct or 1st Nov. Cost £5 supplement to the Tantra course (you must be on the course to join).

Tantra emphasises the game of polarity and for this reason at Tara Yoga Centre we run both mens (Vira) and women’s (Shakti) groups.

The aim of the men’s group is to amplify our masculinity in a harmonious way in order to play the game of polarity with more intensity and effectiveness. The groups are supplementary to the Tantra course, so you currently need to be a student in the Tantra course to participate.

The group meets every two weeks and consists of a mixture of presentations, activities, exercises and yoga practises to explore in depth fundamental aspects of masculinity. We look at the mans role in modern life, skills he needs to develop, his interaction with life and his interaction with the feminine. A core focus of the group is learning to polarise energy and since everything in our life is energy we are essentially developing life skills in the group. We pay particular attention to the couple relationship as this is one of the areas we can learn the fastest from.

Coming together as men enables us to share experiences and to help each other overcome the challenges that we meet in life. These groups have been running for 6 years so far, and there is always a strong friendship and brotherhood formed between the members of the groups.

Every 6 – 8 weeks the Vira group meets with the counter-part Shakti group for what is called a “joint meeting”. In this meeting we aim to put into practise all the attitudes and skills we developed in the respective groups in order to tangibly experience the game of polarity. These meetings carry an intimate and romantic atmosphere, and are not sexual.